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Publish a conference & workshop

Are you a member of the AMQ®? Then log in to your personal profile to fill out the publication form. This way, your request will be processed as a priority.


    Conference / Workshop

    Section that will be visible to members of the AMQ® members only.


    Conference / Workshop

    Representative, royalty-free image of the conference or workshop (we'll include one if you don't have one).

    On the publication page of your conference or workshop, a button titled “I am registering for this conference or workshop” will be linked to your personal email address. Only members of the AMQ® will have access to it via their personal profile.

    To ensure their authenticity, you will receive an automatic email from them from this email address: It is obligatory on your part to verify that the registered members come from the AMQ® by ensuring that the email address used is the correct one.

    Confidential section

    Confidential section and visible only to the AMQ® team in order to verify your eligibility and to contact you.

    Since the publication of a conference or workshop on the AMQ® website is completely free, we ask that you provide our members with a discount.

    Certificate that you will give to the members of the AMQ® who attended the conference or workshop.

    We ask you to send us all necessary documentation to verify the legitimacy of the professional's title as well as their skills in relation to this conference or workshop.

    We also ask that you send us a complete summary of the content of the conference or workshop and the images, documents, videos, links that will be used for approval.

    To this end, we offer the site to facilitate the transfer of information to us. You can contact us via e-mail