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Why to choose the AMQ®?

Association des Massothérapeutes du Québec Association des Massothérapeutes du Québec Association des Massothérapeutes du Québec

If you are looking for an association of professional massage therapists, it is only natural that your selection criteria are precise. The chosen association must above all correspond to you, both in your values and in your needs in terms of listening and service. Let us have the pleasure of explaining to you, in simple terms, what we can offer you.

Reasons to join the AMQ®

The AMQ® offers its 43 years of experience and expertise to serve its members.

This beautiful story began with a small group of massage therapists passionate about their profession.
A profession where listening, respect, relaxation and the alleviation of physical pain form a whole.
A rewarding profession whose human approach makes all the difference to the customer.
It is on these solid foundations that the small group of massage therapists decided to set up a major project.
That of bringing together professional massage therapists who practice different massage techniques.

It was therefore on February 4, 1981 that the AMQ® was founded: its strong and proud roots still remain firmly anchored today.

The AMQ® does not have any financial benefit.

It is therefore not a business.
The annual membership fee paid by members is non-taxable and therefore remains low-cost.
Independent, the AMQ® does not use any marketing, promotion or other plan, focusing essentially on its members.

The AMQ® is and will remain an independent and non-profit organization in order to offer fair service to its members, a key element of shared trust.

Since members are at the heart of the AMQ®, it is natural that customer service is personalized.


  • Each call is handled by an AMQ® employee and not by an automated voicemail (robot).


  • The AMQ® team practices active listening with its members and does not hesitate to follow up with them.


  • An information service as well as telephone support regarding massage therapy is available to everyone.
  • The AMQ® team is delighted to take the time to answer its members’ questions in detail.


  • On average, calls are returned within 24 hours (working days) following the message left.
  • On average, contact is initiated within 48 hours (working days) following a membership/re-membership request.


  • The AMQ® constantly seeks to improve its services and demonstrates this when implementing requests made by its members.

Members’ interest regarding the AMQ® is a real motivating factor for its team.

Each new member receives a starting kit including these essentials :

  • Welcome word;
  • Certificate of membership;
  • Membership card;
  • Personalized pin;
  • Official receipts;
  • Information sheets on massage therapy;
  • AMQ® sticker;
  • Tablet and pencil;
  • Book of general regulations of the AMQ®;
  • Documentation on professional and civil liability insurance.

The AMQ® wants to support its new members to help them get off to a good start in the profession.

Each member benefits from a personal profile containing these services :

  • AMQ® Vlogs and Training courses accessible online, exclusively for members;
  • Conference & Workshop Offers;
  • Free publication of Vlogs, Conferences & Workshops, Job Offers and Classified ads;
  • Free electronic receipts, including a history of them and a virtual directory of your customers;
  • Online ordering of paper receipts;
  • Models of client files and a care monitoring plan developed by Geneviève Demers, AMQ® massage therapist and sexologist;
  • Access to your membership card and receipt, both printable, from the current and previous year;
  • Space to directly transfer your professional development documents to the AMQ®;
  • Access to your personal information in order to update it;
  • Access to your skills in your AMQ® file;
    If desired, free referencing on the AMQ® website of your contact details as a massage therapist.

Listening to its members, the AMQ® makes every effort to combine simplicity and usefulness in its virtual spaces.

Members have access to three different development offers on their personal profile.

Conferences & Workshops

  • Provides access to a showcase of non-paying and paid conferences and workshops (payable directly to the trainer).


  • Provides access to texts, documents, photos and videos on varied and quick to assimilate subjects related to massage therapy.

AMQ® training

  • Provides access to unique training offered by the AMQ®, in collaboration with certified professionals. A test is available at the end of each session to obtain a certificate of development time.

Knowledge is above all the fruit of sharing.

In order to maintain good communication with its members, the AMQ® transmits its information via 4 different platforms.

AMQ® home page

  • A gold-colored banner at the top of the page allows important information to be displayed, if necessary.

Members’ personal profile homepage

  • An informative carousel allows you to display relevant information.


  • Important information is detailed and sent to all members via their email address linked to their AMQ® file.
  • To limit mailings, the AMQ® preserves the newsletter for information that concerns the majority of members.


  • The social platform displays important and useful information as well as reminders.

Wise in its transmission of information, the AMQ® advocates transparent communication.


The AMQ® is accredited by all insurance companies

Which are able to reimburse, in whole or in part, the massage therapy costs.

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The AMQ® joins you?

Let's move on to the remaining details.

Join the AMQ®